• Last Kiss: "I'm not much for dancing, but for you I did."
  • Holy Ground: "Tonight I'm gonna dance, for all that we've been through. But I don't wanna dance, if I'm not dancing with you."
  • Shake It Off: "I'm dancing on my own, I make the moves up as I go."


As soon as I heard the line “This. Sick. Beat” for the first time in the song I was a 100% sold and there was no turning back. 

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The Fault In Our Sombreros.

Nacho average love story.

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the saddest part of The Fault In Our Stars was definitely when Augustus fell into the chocolate river and got sucked up into the tube thing

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I wish my friends would take random pictures of me when we hang out because I’m an arrogant prick and I want more pictures of myself that aren’t selfies.

Someone finally said it

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"ah yes now to make 20k people cry"


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